Friday, January 13, 2006

I want a blog.

Country : Sri Lanka
Province : Eastern
City : Ampara
Unit Location : /root
Time : 0200
Physical status : Sleepy
Mental status : Crazy

Today I see most of my buddies have their own blogs. When I see those I thought it's a nice way to let know all of my friends and relatives around the world, about me. So here I am starting my own gossip site.

Even though I'm in the field of Natural Sciences (Level 5, Bachelor of Science, OUSL) my interest for IT is huge. And I am highly impressed with GNU/Linux, that gave me the extra strength to move in the IT field as well.

So, from where to start or what to include in this blog, is not in my mind yet, but this would be a good kick-start of my blogging.

Life with GNU/Linux.

After I heard and came to know about the philosophy of Open Source, and Linux I sat and thought about it for a while. Then realized that, it is the way how computer systems can be developed in a better way. in a case of all the brains put their effort to achieve a common goal, the open source concept is very useful in many ways. So I started to love it. Millions of minds can't be wrong!

So I became a member of the Lanka Linux User Group and took part in some events organized by them during the past year. The biggest event that I could attend was the FOSS event 2005.

I have a set of crazy friends. And we do lots of crazy things too (Apart from studies and job)

Catch ya later ....