Monday, May 01, 2006

A Trip with The Team Linux

Time was about 1700 at that rainy day suddenly Hoposaio called me and ask me to participate in the Linux promotion program last 23rd at Ambalantota Theraputta vidyalaya. I was confused. I got only few more hours. Oh what to do?...I thought to go there because Suche told me there is no one to participate in that program. Then I called him at about 2000 hrs and confirmed. there were another three more guyz ready to go with us.. the BSD guy was with a nipple ring (Janaka), Mifan Nana & Late Mahesh.(there is a nice little story behind him).

First Day

I started my journey at about 0500 hrs. I caught a bus to Matara. at about 1400 hrs I reached Matara.. then I visited Chuti Akka... I dropped a line to Suchetha's way & he asked me to come to Galle. Then I started ma Journey to Galle.. I caught a damn slow bus.. at about 2000 hrs. I reached the Galle town.... Im in ma possition Guyz... few minutes left. They came to pick me up & they got another amazing Job... Hoposai had to deliver something to Chooty or one he called Tina..(It could be white chocolate) 'n got a kiss.. what a bloody unfair thing, he got a kiss, we got nothing......!cmon Chooty gimme a kiss too!..... after few minutes we reached the Suche's father's official residence in Galle.. what a cool place.. that is the place where we stay two nights. We got a wash & nice dinner.. start show time... Suche fell to sleep.. we watched a movie which Suche recomended us to watch. He said it is amazing....what an amazement! you would feel that kinda amazing feeling if you happened to watch that is mmmm.... Serenity.. we went to sleep at about 0100 hrs & had to wake up at 0300 hrs. everyone said the journey to Ambalanthota would take four hours or more .

Second day

we started our journey to Ambalantota at about 0400 hrs. we had to pick up Mahesh at Unawatuna junction.. he was late (alwayz he is bloody late guy) we had spent about 10 minutes passing that place and had to turn back to pick him up. What happened next was we were little bit foul mouthed. We reached our destination at about 0600 hrs. and we found the place & hung our banners... did few more arrangements... opened our stall with a big noise. A big crowd came to see our stall. We did it very nicely..happy & thrilled.. in the evening we packed our everything & went to the Nanasala. two of our guyz were already working there. We put dual booting system for all machines with Kubuntu & Ubuntu GNU/Linux with Microsoft bloody OS. We proceeded at about 1900 hrs... we took our dinner on the way at Matara. Then we drove to Galle but on the way we changed our decision & went to Polhena beach.. had fun.... more fun... time was 2300 hrs.. we left the beach and drove to Galle. that night two of our dudez fell to sleep early.. I & Suche stay few more hours with nice chat & beer. We got a plan to go to Unawatuna beach next day.

Third day

We were to get up early but we got up late. at about 1000 hrs. we went to Unawatuna. LATE was there. we directly got down to the sea & had a bath.. it was one of the best moments I've ever had. we left the beach at about 1200 hrs. & went to LATE's place and had fresh water bath. after good tea we said good bye & left.. we had a drive inside the Galle fort. what a nice place....... then we returned to Colombo. We reached Colombo at about 1630 hrs. I caught my bus to Ampara at 1830hrs.

This trip was a most interesting & fantastic journey, indeed. the secret affairs of our guyz were disclosed on this journey..