Tuesday, September 26, 2006

FOSS School in A'Pura & Pollonnaruwa

Last month I was too busy. I had few CATs and Practical sessions. I had an overload of studies & office work. Thaz why I couldn't update my blog.
The first week of the month was very funful & I had a nice trip with Suchetha & Bikku Mettavihari. I had to work with those guyz for FOSS school program at Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa.

First Day
July 31st night I started ma journey. First I caught a bus to colombo, early in the morning at abt 0400 I reached colombo & drop a line to Suche and told him, "get yo ass up". I reached TLC at about 0445 and got a quick wash and got ready to journey. First Suchetha & I went to Narada Center to take Bikku Mettavihari and we woke him up. Then we started our journey to Polonnaruwa. Our destination was Girithalegama Maha Vidyalaya. During our journey we distributed some books on Buddhism to tourist hotels. BMV had brought lots of books to distribute. At about 1300 we reached our destination. There was a computer lab with about 20 computers & there was an unknown OS called ?????. we installed all machines with Red Hat Entreprise Linux 04. A guy, Mr. Amilaka who is a teacher helps us to finish our work & there were few school geeks who also help us. Having finished our business there we reserved a room in Wood side restuarent & got back to book distribution work on our way to Anuradhapura. At about 2000 we reached Anuradhapura. found a place to crash and dumped BMV into a temple and we went to dinner. It was a big dinner with a few bottles of beer.

Second Day
we got up early in the morning. got ready to go to Provincial IT center @ Anuradhapura. unfortunately we had a prob with battery of our van. however we started it an drove to A'pura city. Took something to eat and found a place to charge the battery. Took sometime and when we arrived at the place BMV had already started the work. The IT center guyz were absolutely Microsoft guyz. we wanted them to wsitch to Linux. BMV said it was verry dificult. but finally we did it. hope still they have been using linux. Installed about 40 computers with RHEL 04. Worked untill late afternoon & finished our work then again did our distribution work. late evening drop BMV to the nearest temple & we had our dinner at the usual place. spent the night at the ususal place.

Third Day
We had ample time for our program then we had a quick visit to the ruins. we took 15 min for the visit. then we reached the PITC. Start our program. There was about 40 teachers. it was a very successfull program. Suchetha was the teacher. My role was the demonstrator. hey guyz you know....? BMV had his lunch & had a good sleep on the chair. LOL.... we finish our programm about 1730. We went straight to Polonnaruwa. we'd already booked a room in Wood side restaurant. Dropped BMV to a temple and we went to the restaurant.There was no beer shop near the rest. we took pains to find one and got some beer & had a nice meal.

Fourth Day
It was a friday. we got up early again. went to Girithalegama MV. when we were going by van we saw BMV walking toward the school. had good crowd with few cute ladies from Teachers Training School. There was few little geeks there. They took over ma job. I was free. had a nice walk around the school. Finally we finished our School Linux program in A'pura & Pollonnaruwa. We start to go back to colombo. Suche & I had a plan to drop in a Night club. we reached colombo at about 2300. Dropped BMV into the Nadara Center and went to Zanziba. Two more Suche's friends joinned up. Mihi.. a cute girl and a guy I can't remember his name. We had tequilla. mmmm had a good time. I was the cherry.. what a good time. Music, drinks and everything.... was there at about 0230 we took our way to TLC on the way drop Mihi @ her place.

The day was Sunday.. in the morning I went to University & came back at 1400. Suche & I planned to go to the Majestic cinema to watch a nice movie. On our way to cinema we had a nasty experience. We were driving toward Kohuwala junction when a Pajaro without a number plate suddenly appeared from a by road. It belonged to BLOODY VIP security survice and it was full of DAMN thugs. They signaled us to slowdown as we were driving fast but anyway we couldn't do so and we went past the vehicle. Then the angry thugs followed us and overtook our van & blocked the way. So we had to stop. Then the thugs who were armed with guns came toward us and scolded us using the filthy language. Thats the way of the politics of our country. Somehow we went to Movie "Superman Return" ...what a nice movie. A few of Suchetha's friends joined us too. After the movei we went to Hotshot, had a strong coffee and played pool with few friends. After that Suche, I and one of his friend went to Hotel Intercontinental. there was a nice pizza place.. we had big jug of beer and huge two pizza.