Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Busy.... Damn it

Last October one of ma best friends, Dassa got married. And took his wedding at the Earls Regency hotel on october 12. We set off from Ampara the previous morning. That evening we had a nice shopping. And one of ma good friends, Rishani who is living in Kandy joined with us. The following morning we went to dassa's wedding. what a nice time there. after that we directly drove our selves to colombo. at about 2230 hrs we reached there then we caught a bus to Dassa's home and we crashed there that night.On the 14th night we joined his homecoming at Fingara club. And the following day we came back home.

I was badly busy with ma work and studies last few months. in november i had ma final exams. i have few subjects to rush up. apart from that things I had to finish ma article for Soba Viyamana. Soba Viyamana is an Environmental Education magazine published by the Society for Environmental Protection. This is the one and only digest magazine on environmental protection. Im one of the editors of the magazine. The 4th volume of the magazine was issued last week. I wrote to it about Turtles & Tortoises in Sri Lanka. I really appreciate that work and I think it is a great service we are rendering to our next generation. I have to say a word about Dr. Rohana Dayaratne who is the founder of The Society for Environmental Protection and this magazine is one of his concepts. Now he is working at the general hospital Badulla as a consultant doctor.

we have a sudden Linux work shop on 4th last month in Ampara. Suchetha and a few of UCSC guyz suddenly came here within 24 hrs notification. it was sataurday and I was free. i joined with them and we did the wokshop well. after the workshop we went straight back home and then again went for an open bath. we went to channel near the Kondawatuwana tank and had a very nice and funful bath. Then we had to find some stuff for SUCH but unfortunately we couldnt find that for him. They left here after dinner.