Sunday, December 13, 2009

Thanking All the People Helped Me to Complete my BSc

7 years of harsh period of my life is came to end on 18th od November 2009 at BMICH, It was my Convocation. I got my Bachelor of Science degree from Open University of Sri Lanka. I did my degree while working in government sector as a management assistant. It is very hard think to do a degree and working simultaneously. But I managed to to it in 7 damn years.

I like to personally thank few people at OUSL, Dr. Jayantha wattewidana, He is a lecturer at department of zoology, very kind and cool person. and Dr. Rohan Fernando, one of the good geologist in Sri Lanka, lecturer at department of physics and very helpful guys. And Mr. Prasad Senadeera, he also one of a lecturers at department of Botany, he helped me in various ways. And I would like to thanks all the people who helped me to complete my degree.. Thanks again..


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