Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Geeky Events After a Geeky Wedding

Another Free and Open Source couple, Bud and Kanchana got married last week. The wedding took place in Mount Lavinia Hotel on 20th july. Suprisingly lots of rare geeks joined the wedding. We had a nice time there. But Suchetha and I were in a hurry to jump out from the wedding coz we had a GNU/linux workshop to carry on in Ampara. We left the wedding a little earlier after a hurried lunch.

It was around 1430 hrs when we left Colombo. had to pick up Mr. Neil from the Ministry of education. Mr. Neil is director of IT in ministry of education. He is the guy who organized the FOSS awareness events on behalf of the minstry. After a nice ride we reached Ampara around 0100 hrs.

The workshop took place in the computer resource center in Kawantissa Vidyalaya, Ampara. All the participants were teachers and CRC managers in the eastern province. Suchetha and I taught them GNU/Linux almost 5 days. There were few teachers in the event who were very keen to learn GNU/Linux. Just after the event we drew our heads to Budugehinna M.V at Kekirawa for another training program. The trining was a success.