Wednesday, April 04, 2007

FOSSed on Wheels in Kandy

A few weeks ago I got a nice chance to take part in the FOSSed on Wheels in Kandy last 3rd and 4th which I was looking forward to for a longtime. That was the first FOSS event of the new year. I thought all our FOSS buddies would be able to join the event. Unfortunately most of our geeks were busy at that moment. It was a two days event. That event was organized by the foss community supported by the few geeks of the University of Peradeniya. The program was carried on in the Kandyan Art Gallery.

The day before the event I reached Colombo and in the morning I went to the university. And in the evening at abt 1400 I went to the TLC where I was gonna crash that night. But Suchetha was not there.. after a few hours he came back and we went to bring some beers. Its was time for dinner. Sushe and me got down to the Splash and had a BBQ. Got back to TLC. Gayal and Raj came to crash with us.

Early in the morning we got ready for the journey. It was abt 0500 when we depart. We reached the venu within a few hours. The program was about to begin. In the meantime I went out for a moment. you know guyz, google would pay everything. Came back after lunch. The event was cool and well organized. After the event our guyz had a few drinks and fun. The second day the event went on well and it was the one of the best and well organized events we participated in.

We packed our bags to return to Colombo. We just got down at Mifan's place on our way. His house is located in the middle of a jungle in the University park at Peradeniya. His mum and dad treated us well. we came back to Colombo at about 2200. It was time for our dinner. we again got down to the Splash for our dinner. we had a good time there.